Water is energy is the slogan that has been given to our campaign to provide water and energy in areas of water scarcity in Africa. Our acronym is WIE “Water is Energy 16”. Our project is both a solution and a means for vulnerable populations living in water catchment areas to access clean water. Our project is a way to offer our expertise to these vulnerable populations. After careful and rigorous studies conducted with precautions on the site of our local partner Hope Foundation Cameroon, we came to the following conclusion: – Our project has the capacity to offer an ecological solution of access to clean water while preserving the ecological environment. – Our project reduces the distance between populations and clean water points but also provides water for students and teachers who will attend schools in areas of water shortage. – Our project has the ability to offer and set up solar panels to help schools and households in enclave areas of this region of Cameroon. It is important to note that we work in cooperation with the association (NSB) in Germany Below is a visual representation of our project.